One Minute Reads.

Here you'll find little doses of nature on the go. Short reads are posted here, including interesting news and facts from around the world; and writings from some of our favourite naturalists to keep you in awe of just how magnificent our planet can be.


6 ~ When I am among the trees

A poem inspired by nature and written amongst the trees by the great poet and nature lover, Mary Jane Oliver.

Image by Guillermo Ferla

3 ~ John Muir on interconnectedness

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”


5 ~ SEEK app by iNaturalist

An app that allows you to identify plants, insects, birds, funghi, mammals, fish and many more. 


2 ~ Crows crossing the road 

In urban environments, Crows have devised a highly skilled way of eating a food they normally can't manage.


4 ~ How Salmon

helps the forest

Deep in the boreal forests, Salmon have found a way to feed the trees from the streams where they were born.


1 ~ How wolves change rivers

How the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park had a remarkable effect on the surroundings.

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